Put on your aprons and make something masarap!

The most convenient way to cook healthy and delicious Filipino dishes.

Why Go Simple?

Fresh, delicious recipes delivered to your doorstep

A meal box containing healthy Filipino recipes that can feed small or large families.

Using farm-fresh ingredients that have been sustainably sourced and nutrient dense.

Meals can be customized to your preference, with plant-based options.

Curated, easy-to-follow recipes with minimal cooking involved - great for beginners.

Develop an understanding and appreciation for Filipino ingredients - our simple roots.

What's Inside Each Box

  1. Easy-to-follow recipes and portioned out ingredients, ready to get tossed into pots, pans, or the oven.

  2. High-quality, local ingredients sourced straight from the farmers from the Cordillera to Batangas.

  3. Convenient meal kits delivered to your door that make cooking a breeze.

  4. A cooking experience that gets you to experience homegrown Filipino cooking that gets everyone around the table, just like how mom used to make.

Featured Recipes

Order & Shipping

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Our Roots

Simple Roots is a group of friends who are passionate about learning about local ingredients and Filipino recipes, giving it a modern, healthier twist, and adapting it for the 21st century with plant-based options. We've all struggled with trying to make healthier choices, and we want to let our roots run deep through the food we eat, the crafts we choose and the lives we move.

Why We #lovelocal

We work closely with our Filipino farmers - from the Cordillera to Batangas - in order to source the freshest ingredients, and the fairest prices, while learning about their farming processes and gaining a better understanding of where our food comes from.