Our Roots

Let our roots run deep through the food we make, the moments we share and the lives we change.

Simple Roots makes cooking fun and easy for you and your family. We'll provide you with prepared and portioned out ingredients. Everything that you need to make a delicious healthy Filipino meal.

Our vision is to be the top-of-mind online filipino food destination where people can make food that matters. Food that makes a difference in peoples' lives and can feed their hearts, bodies, and minds.

Keeping It Simple

We believe that cooking is a labor of love and it should be an adventure best shared. What better way to show your friends and family that you care than by cooking a meal from scratch?

Each of our chef-made recipes have a story to tell. From where they started, to how they evolved in the modern 21st century. Filipino cuisine is as diverse as its 7,107 islands and it's time we explore our heritage. With our unique regional recipes, you'll be able to explore these treasures, and create them in your own kitchen.

Mindful eating should not only begin with nourishing our bodies but also our souls.

  • ✓ Sustainably sourced
  • ✓ Fair trade
  • ✓ Farm fresh
  • ✓ Coconut oil
  • ✓ Natural sugars
  • ✓ Liquid Aminos
  • ✓ Plant based options
  • ✓ No preservatives
  • ✓ No artificial flavorings
  • ✓ No MSG

So what are you waiting for? Be curious about what you eat and experience what the Philippines has to offer right in your kitchen. Unpack the magic and learn with us as we start Cooking Better and Changing Lives